A Trusted Name in Private Security Services

  • Upscale Residential Estates & Luxury Condominiums
  • Financial & Banking Institutions
  • Construction Sites
  • Hotels & The Entertainment Industry
  • Energy, Oil & Utility Companies
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Religious Organizations & Non-Profits
  • Office Buildings & Business Parks
  • Transportation, Logistics, Distribution, Warehousing & Manufacturing
  • Aviation & Aerospace Companies
  • Upscale Residential Estates & Luxury Condominiums

    Upscale Residential Estates &
    Luxury Condominiums

    The privacy and security of homeowners or tenants are usually the top concerns of any good homeowners’ association. GuardPower Security will provide security personnel trained in intrusion detection and visitor/privacy control. We can provide gate concierge and vehicle patrol officers to keep your community safe and secure.

  • Financial & Banking Institutions

    Financial & Banking Institutions

    In securing financial and banking institutions, experience and training are paramount. At GuardPower, we understand that financial institutions require highly trained individuals who can make instantaneous decisions when needed. Our security officers are in full compliance with the training requirements set forth by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. We provide armed and unarmed personnel, standing guards or vehicle patrol officers. We handpick our security officers from a pool of hundreds of applicants and go through a meticulous hiring process to ensure consistency of service.

  • Construction Sites

    Construction Sites

    The safety and security of your construction site need not suffer simply because the location is "Under Construction". When it comes to the security of your construction site, it is imperative to have a stable, well-conceived plan. GuardPower will provide this, along with professional, alert and well-trained security officers to maintain vigilant surveillance at your construction site, day and night. If needed, we can install and operate electronic monitoring equipment that is specifically designed for managing access control to construction sites.

  • Hotels & The Entertainment Industry

    Hotels & The Entertainment

    Travelers today demand greater security at hotels and entertainment venues. This is becoming of major importance to the traveling and vacationing public. Our security officers are trained to act as an extension of your service personnel in assisting your guests in a hospitable and professional manner. GuardPower provides the type of trained security personnel you and your guests can have confidence in.

  • Energy, Oil & Utility Companies

    Energy, Oil & Utility Companies

    These are the types of facilities that can't be assigned to just any guard service company. These organizations require special training in modern security systems. With GuardPower on the job, you can rest assured that your organization's security is in good hands. In addition to experienced and highly trained security officers, GuardPower can provide constant monitoring of video and alarm systems to provide the highest level of security for your facility.

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

    Schools, Colleges & Universities

    School security requires special training and highly trained security personnel. Keeping this in mind, we have the expertise to ensure that educational institutions are serviced by highly competent, trained and licensed security officers. While making sure that your properties are protected and your assets safeguarded, our number one priority is to create a sense of safety and security for students, faculty members, employees and visitors.

  • Shopping Centers

    Shopping Centers

    When it comes to security service for major shopping centers, GuardPower is the company of choice. With over 30 years of experience providing security service for large shopping centers, we have developed specific policies and procedures that are tailored to meet the security needs of upscale shopping centers and malls. In addition to the normal security guard and patrol duties, we provide specific and customized add-on services that keep your tenants and patrons safe and your property protected.

  • Healthcare Facilities

    Healthcare Facilities

    Health care facilities encompass a wide range of organizations, from small and relatively simple medical clinics to large, complex, advanced teaching and research hospitals and universities. Securing these facilities effectively requires a vast array of knowledge of the latest security techniques and systems. GuardPower takes pride in the education, experience and leadership of its management team and its sophisticated, highly-trained and career-minded security personnel. Staying abreast of the latest security challenges and technologies for advanced security services for healthcare facilities requires an innovative company to fully understand and implement advanced security solutions. GuardPower is at the forefront of the security technologies specifically designed to effectively monitor security officers' activities during all service hours.

  • Religious Organizations & Non-Profits

    Religious Organizations & Non-Profits

    Protecting religious establishments and non-profit organizations requires special skills and training. Security officers assigned to such organizations must be fully licensed, highly skilled in dealing with the public and must have respect for all people and be tolerant of all cultures and religions, regardless of their own affiliations and beliefs.

  • Office Buildings & Business Parks

    Office Buildings & Business Parks

    At GuardPower, we are committed to creating the image that best serves our clients. If your upscale office building requires security officers who present a highly professional image, then GuardPower is the answer. In addition to standing guards and lobby ambassadors, we use various patrol vehicles for large and complex business parks and office buildings.

  • Transportation, Logistics, Distribution, Warehousing & Manufacturing

    Transportation, Logistics,
    Distribution, Warehousing &

    This is a highly-specialized industry, requiring special skills and, in many cases, government clearance. In addition to their thorough security training, many of our security officers possess computer and record keeping skills necessary to serve as an effective extension of your business. We can provide security personnel with TWIC clearance issued by the federal government allowing access to seaports and securing transportation hubs. We also have extensive experience in providing security services to logistic companies and distribution centers, and have the expertise to safeguard your products and assets in an effective and efficient manner.

  • Aviation & Aerospace Companies

    Aviation & Aerospace Companies

    Within the aviation industry, security services and solutions center around airports and their various organizations and affiliates. We can service aviation companies or privately operated airports as well as airlines, freight forwarders and other airport-related businesses.

For decades local companies and government agencies alike have trusted GuardPower Security for high quality security officers. The secret lies in our comprehensive and complete screening and rigorous training program, backed by close and constant supervision by one of the most experienced and responsive management teams in the industry.

  • 7 Arco   “Your officers are great.”
  • 1 Chevron   “Thank you for your excellent work.”
  • 8 High Rise   “Thank you again for doing an incredible job for us, as always.”
     Commercial Development Company-Azusa
  • Union Pacific Railroad Logo 100   “Thank you for a job well done.”
  • 6 Georgia Pacific   “GuardPower's response is unmatched.”
  • arcadia 100

      “The level of service and response we receive from GuardPower Security is tremendous. We have never seen this level of commitment from any other security company.”
  • Mercedes Benz Logo 100   “GuardPower’s effort to get out and say hello to show appreciation for the business and make sure that the customer is happy seems to be a forgotten art by most other companies.”
  • DoubletreeLogo 100   “We consistently receive positive comments from the hotel guests about our security officers.”
  • NMUSD 100   “GuardPower has provided armed and unarmed security service to our schools for over ten years. Their officers are very professional.”
  • Dph Logo   “I would like to commend your team for the exceptional service they provide day in and day out. Your security officers not only immediately report any issues, they go above and beyond to assist the property manager and her team no matter what the situation. We truly appreciate their assistance.”
  • County Of Orange   “Your team has been exceptional, looking forward to another great year!”

The Hallmarks of a Quality Security Company


What does a security company's history tell about its reliability?

At GuardPower our history reflects our focus. 

On the surface, choosing a security agency should be a simple task. You will enjoy plenty of competition for your contract—there are a lot of companies out there. They come and they go; they merge, reorganize and re-staff—but do they focus on your account? GuardPower is in the security business—not the acquisition business, the diversification business, or any other business. Since our founding, we have focused exclusively on providing superior security services. 

This focused approach has allowed us to build a long track record of outstanding performance—one that is mirrored in the highest of client retention rates. And we build on our decades of experience by constantly evaluating the latest trends and embracing the most useful technology.

Have you examined recruiting standards for security personnel?

Start your investigation with GuardPower's stringent employment criteria.

The focus of our approach includes an employment history, references, military service record, U.S. citizenship and a background investigation that excludes anyone with a criminal record. During our interview process, applicants are evaluated on their appearance, attitude, literacy, integrity and communication skills.

Your requirements drive our process. Specific needs are addressed with modifications to our recruitment procedures. In addition, results of all investigations and testing can be made available to you. You also have the option of interviewing candidates prior to assignment.

Is your security team motivated to improve?

GuardPower's employee development program enhances performance.

When was the last time your expectations were exceeded? A closer look at GuardPower's training program might be a pleasant surprise. We start with a formal pre-employment training class covering topics such as Customer Confidentiality, Internet and Information Technology Security, Company and Post Policies and Procedures, Communications, Emergency Procedures, Safety, Report Writing and Public Relations. We consistently follow-up with required annual refresher training seminars, classes and self-instruction modules.

The key to GuardPower's approach is our “employee emphasis”. Above industry-average wages, paid vacations, cash and non-monetary bonuses, employee recognition programs, advancement opportunities and other standard employee benefits are the basis of our officers' self-motivation.

How independent should your security staff be?

GuardPower supports its officers with a management program unmatched in the industry.

Hand-picked and meticulously selected security officers are the most important ingredient in our security program. They are the front line representing both your company and our organization. And, to deliver the quality of response that your company deserves, our security officers are backed by one of the most experienced and responsive management teams in the industry.

That is why GuardPower provides more supervision and account management, per guard hour, than any other contract security company in the region. Our commitment extends beyond operations supervisors. Our system includes unannounced and random inspections, quick response in case of incidents and emergencies, immediate follow-up on all incident reports with corrective measures taken immediately. More importantly, by proactive and constant coordination and communication with the security officers and field managers, we strive to continuously improve quality of service.

What does creativity have to do with security?

GuardPower brings both creativity and cost control to your needs.

Have you ever called your security program creative? Put GuardPower's imaginative, resourceful management approaches to work and you will.

As providers of innovative, extraordinary security approaches, we partner with you to develop better ways to meet your needs. We've learned that applying creativity to problems is usually far more effective than simply throwing more money at them. That's critical, because your challenges are probably growing faster than your budget.

Our professionals create practical, cost-effective solutions for the realities of today's tough business environment—solutions that provide verifiable bottom-line benefits.